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Meet the premier professional organization for technology businesses in Utah

Why do technology companies choose Utah? There are plenty of good reasons—an appealing lifestyle, an abundance of well-educated, hard-working people, and a relatively low cost of doing business.

UTC exists to expand these reasons—and create entirely new ones—by working with business and government leaders to make Utah an even more vibrant, attractive, and rewarding place for technology companies to do business.

When you join the UTC, you instantly become part of a proven, powerful network of executives, innovators, and entrepreneurs working together to address the issues Utah technology companies care about most. You tap into a wealth of resources for raising capital and developing world-class talent for your business. And you join a strong, unified industry voice for improving Utah's business environment.

UTC is a member of the Council of Regional Information Technology Associations (CRITA), a national trade organization that represents 45 regional Technology trade organizations which in turn represent more than 15,000 technology-related companies in North America. For more information about CRITA.


UTC is the premier industry-led technology organization in Utah. As a privately funded industry trade association, UTC was formed by the merger of the Utah Information Technology Association (UITA) and the Utah Life Science Association (ULSA) in April 2006. Both entities operated successfully for many years prior to the merger—UITA since 1991 and ULSA since 1994. After working together closely for over a decade, the respective boards determined that a merger would be in the best interests of both associations, providing even more momentum to ensure that both industries’ voices were heard. The needs and interests of life science and information technology-based businesses have been converging for some time, and many companies have activities in both sectors. By broadening the scope and becoming a full technology council, the UTC is an even stronger advocate for creating many new high-paying tech jobs in Utah.